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tv   Good Morning Colorado  ABC  February 13, 2016 8:00am-9:00am MST

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cr s erma to run for the presen. anin ahd toni.. e remaining six g-o-p candid aea for their final deba b the south caroli ies. donald trump... cr. rco jeb bush... ben rs joh re all quale deba b-s. thuth caroliprimargi s ile...the democr arall oung nevawhe the cauces begiweek fray. th ber sand y clinto see e as l testinton is hoping t st gafter thire prar ov that cayethe latest othe race... nefor you this morning...moing, the democratic caid are gearing ng-haul cathank u r . bernie
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peday's state it's ad su tiful me phot want the i mies overni..about a appetite aave evy reason to hungry. for solution leground i saturday atre alr a win in cali lison inton's per ew radio ad sllidt obama we nd pr will b o obamhas done. tosoh calina african ameran sanders pron i will not promise you meth catopic sanders clinton for during theic dete clr opal veceen onso beirget bicans. ts d uz s of the m space? mo ovva
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ws time :-- nort epfor r ma st. an at frigle to c orolog dra peons isthe fr he thestright now...falo, ne. ernight, dangsl articair mamoves into the northe inlo ffect ow g whitcondionsring wt' called la winter ? nidon'ke's ttorrow wwi chill it ot- wo "its freezi city - ins are freezing friends and aking bundln e ld t- mom 2ny layers ven her righlike 4." theseavthe ts of warm"htheterneh hi isrt al. y th" eg frnds xt protectietth lay r so is dee so wwo see yomonday no yougoin e ondamoin theteeres bam no co oute temperisth winterson g.
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day: et a xture louds an suns on sa, th mn thanclouit wil as as well, at sdn'tke ay from t mi temperath mt ea ing r watothe fewthe re tt in e ton: mpur
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igwn - ssur local mo p dykiesnd lht wiexcted exteed: we co fro is pecttougbere srisen suayis wl ep teerates ith40d s lee's y. t loelioil ayn , t wilbeto loro hiounta ers tastemotaind 25rrid latnd g sund ghn ar colo hihemos expe to acmulaew ches, mus expeed forlong anstthe rstaclou wil ear on itier ugst tor. est wi tda highttinhe it healor as e. ndutusstilto..
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buen. tiovement s. enspots upin the cknocks ha th the rolls bes the sh to dan sk wvep. mary's wins -42 .. median hanba all-ar ga 1.tay tar len rt di erhe h taatby t the brit all- ga e a prchng ths-pr lee be ta g fo onr acepid e pro chalnge ha t in colorado.. wh reds of s of rs toh e
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focowas d 1fe-hig buese act hamp ed. thtalys co hasn't bee fothe wo winner of t sa things were st : "thas besthe, 's like niagfat everest,o i'm eleder the moon the competition for most.. daerou onsurfer mone n t o- in ctcome one try to be eatewith medical marijuana.ead gocollyothe ils itioexwhy her parek l man help... on s
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ill leha hhyhearn ouears.. r rst mibe somewers onentis ll a te welcome backrning
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sh. as sps ilitieuthe hefalitye t.n iansct rronowat cuom you' oblyrin byt ti frt ngr ts i-r e pis pe th re fr a nsof ast ar ha ? e geinhe ng ysp iliteae t told ado ng aneg il ilin tng n thatur g preserhaey'v im m us compe, at'
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meor her at d e angimelso i th c't gof s door t t chteledeitth tsea moin someplth sdot a alht... thquk teboe imti re o shine" event pak christianch l
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da p..bomsf. uronnual. ou thesiblgsnd tparents t co iree e arthgrate 'llike n tread s dr er thibefo d r ha stouch aug mon 0 ur paated in evrl eb z ub rld we're w geoke epthans th anay ero th thnecub warna moh y nepodszoo lp they llanno na sinfoneitio zoo"wt d he g welane so ouof me it's
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wee ing t the is athe ca t ct deb l. ntnt ra ing ofisne's carl wde l from cpple creere h annuale s
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g. m this ..the fe w ns nween po cripple carl o ch. e fe loin ahd thwed,e'unts of fun ac to with familys. e th hn p day festta at t goisor ceerthe feurim this ing. shrvice willlsbe avail us the stal sta tenlorado st gas beosse srt worksh in is thrs. shou lect a q anse pawile ta sd witheglehean eds nt at home. the er leging elp e and cl l ns faliree torvic ths at 10inue
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d do re ve t 8- th e-boo sucas theook le a bophal t. eyho book a on tsas ro by twand-a-lf- rcen thats frompot-nine-bon- t-ion. tst-over-ye ineaorhe ry20. isrs wely portedhegus, ma plis saw a okesr a t we up. cher tniteupith ac
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inucing ont edr"- lp ucs e ede it'san ar ce fters to lp s to yie resears e ' emns. rely focn bullngh naperice coicwa a reitivct thabull sa h thto at te d r budind thweher looke fit lf of the weekd, ere
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clds wl brt meas dn aom ld ts,inr e s.ewth lower elre expeed to get into70s!ig igin 2 30loevns d s - ome igs rown - ro ourmos. s andht windpeed. tendeda weaks sun thkees ith 40s d s t lor elev st d osu, bul gin
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ou p d isfo vantgretch in blof t. ng, grcheney from hune sty theik pe rion, this ndsoelw ned
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vebeing ar peopl ooki ve ory. ch ines bl out ofek nii'gr presrom huneieof tikpeak and thhael is named eobl thdorable is a ar uted stli shhe. he came sfer rescue roverfrom or scuear th dn't know bouteoble wh wt
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lo wth eat he sit r treats an atteion.e doesetit nd new people -and s peop a a people, really, so hed rku imprhis dogganners thrahetwm potisof ssibheedalm lkwith thsd htrtsl be r suery thdoe in ur he toda tip adoptiee ju $150,ch vouc verian exam, da of t ar nsd mioc w fadoptis 1 a.m., bin 0 bot la or t oe theoraor one of his furry frieg fohome a happy tail. t to y ilon face twitwi t hata appyp s ! e loo
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en isic oe co upvecimaand wt toee h you wakep do. ndou ct twa up co do dthem or pt th cebook pa ado wsnel 13 ure
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! ckcat iue i n't gh species ouplup f ke tirriesext untdow edavou t en to dinnerldin the lions wereverye! rk lp rreho ev t e im, nade ded tr mbers, s port at evetaths. whtionwind part fve
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onwit de yoow sof e samee whole s?y unmaic , it's alre adhat lpth sue.ou isea r e stit oll. th terway cnethe ntic c oceans and ao e gean pguur iptomeustheckhathns th an : a land. it re but ieengunr ne 10000 pas ofla ns. an wcogd cke suhow ng tok m e: theto helie
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